Computational Soft (CS) cordially invites all levels of academic, research, professional, industrial, financial and governmental entities and individuals, especially students and interns, via synergistic collaborations or consortia, to join this both exciting and challenging venture in order to materialize the mission of this unprecedented and fruitful R&D project set forth; i.e., creating an ever unprecedented, knowledge-based Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) or Computerized Modeling and Simulation (CMS) software sub-economy in Hong Kong.

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As a solely dedicated CFD engine (analyzer), Versat© provides a versatile-modular CFD scientific-engineering computing infrastructure -- as illustrated in the enclosed heavy green line in the following schematic -- by seamlessly and "effortlessly" accommodating all kinds and classes and their concomitant sets of subtypes and subclasses specifically customized per investigation, design, project or even per simulation.


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