Collaborating with local, national and international academic, research, professional and industrial communities including public sectors, CS implements a time-cost efficient-effective, technological, cloud-computing based hub to research and develop bona fide innovative, commercially and highly competitive suites of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) software. These unique and creative innovations of CS will become synonymous with Computerized Modeling and Simulation (CMS) software, playing a historically unprecedented hybrid role of consulting and vendor not only in Hong Kong and China but also the rest of the world.

Totally unlike the popularly known computer software or programs associated with IT, AI(Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, e-commerce, fintech, social media and apps, CSE or CMS intertwiningly spans all “hard” scientific-engineering disciplines. In a nutshell, whether well-established or embryonic scientific-engineering disciplines or frontiers, they are predicated upon sets of advanced mathematical models (by and large, vast sets of highly nonlinear and fully coupled Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations and Algebraic Equations).

Although these types of mathematical models, usually stemming from the so-called phenomenological or conservation laws, have been formally and rigorously devised for many centuries (case in point, classical Newtonian Mechanics), still to date, manual solutions by hand calculators are unfortunately intractable. Hence, the numerical solutions inevitably resort to computers equipped with fast CPUs and enormous memories (RAMs) via another branch of Advanced Mathematics; i.e., Numerical Methods. These serve as the backbones of all kinds of CSE or CMS software (high-level computer languages or codes such as Fortran and C) thereby utilizing purely arithmetic operations coined numerical algorithms per se.

These models and simulations are paramount to not only state-of-the-art scientific research but also, equally important, all large, critical, nuanced, complex or sophisticated engineering investigations, analyses and designs as a must CAD/CAE based desktop engineering tool.

The mission of CS is to locally spearhead an ever unprecedented, knowledge-based yet credible sub-economy in Hong Kong, and hence Greater China, orbiting around while simultaneously advancing the art, science, practice and commerciality of the CSE or CMS fields and their related industries and user communities. These goals will be pursued and accomplished, foremost, rigorously and robustly, researching, developing, verifying, validating, benchmarking; and, finally, successfully commercializing the first generation of HK-CN branded CSE/CMS suites by 2020.

The CS vision is of course nuanced.

In the near term, under the auspices of Science Park, HKSAR Government and a few ad hoc academic-research-professional consortia, CS will successfully launch a few suites of innovative, competitive, well-established CSE/CMS products especially in Computational Mechanics – with the intent to bring HKSAR and China to an international arena which presently has been fully monopolized by expatriate vendors for decades.

In the middle term, with half-a-dozen of satellite sales-technical supporting offices throughout China, CS will aggressively promote, commercialize, enhance and expand the above R&D suites foremost “liaising” with the interested academic and research communities then strategically penetrating related industries and sectors, whether private or public, again which have been monopolized by expatriate entities for decades.

CS is now and forever determined to once and for all shatter this highly visible monopolization by capturing sizable market shares from them upon the middle term. In the long term, CS will formidably compete with all the internationally renowned or top-echelon CSE/CMS vendors head to head, toe to toe, with a few dozens of regional offices throughout the globe currently reaping approximately USD6B sales per annum.

As an integral part of the consulting business model, in addition to embodying a lean-mean-fighting business machine, CS synergistically teams up with dozens of local, national and international scientific or high-performance supercomputing centers especially in Mainland China, Singapore and USA, either on a cloud, clustered or gridded computing based network.

This approach enables us to offer our valued customers an attractively outsourcing “one-stop” service or option while circumventing exorbitantly technical and administrative capitals and operational costs due to the streamlining of a small team of full-time CFD operators and computing resources (software and hardware) in-house.

In parallel with this business philosophy, CS collaborates with local and Mainland academic, research and professional organizations and vendors (i.e., sales or distributing agencies for expatriate CSE/CMS products), which either specialize in or provide economically state-of-the-art pre-processors (CAD/CAE mess or grid generators) and post-processors (CAD/CAE graphical or visualization packages).


Of course, CS vends all its well-developed, robust, highly competitive CSE/CMS products conventionally, like conditional and perpetual licenses on a project, simulation, CPU unit, hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, that can be commercially authorized to heavy-duty or novice CFD usuers under a designated, secured cloud-computing environment mutually approved by all charged stakeholders. In these licensing businesses, users would have to use their own pre- and post-processors, until such times that CS incorporates its own pre- and processors via in-house R&D undertakings or embedments of others in due course.

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